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Solar modules
Inverters and batteries
Mounting profiles and accessories

Good reasons to collaborate with us


Price no changes guarantee for 60 days

Rest assured, the price for solar modules will remain unchanged for 60 days upon receiving the commercial offer.

Latest equipment straight from manufacturers

No equipment we sell are leftovers from warehouses.

Competitive wholesale prices

Our competitiveness stems from being an internationally effective team with a strong aptitude for efficiently managing supply chains.

We are international team

Sales team in Lithuania

Product supply team in China

We have a solid track record of work experience in the Chinese market since 2017.

Share your needs, we'll solve them

Without being tied to any specific manufacturer, we can find the best solution for your business.
Our technical expertise enables us to analyze and provide customized equipment solutions to meet your renewable energy needs.

Effective logistics

From the port of Shanghai to ports in the Netherlands or Germany, the estimated transit time is approximately 25 to 30 days.

Baltic states energetic companies

Renewable energy equipment has been supplied to energy companies across the Baltic states.

Member of Lithuanian Solar Energy Association

Company is member of association.

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